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Banshee Shearer Big Bore Small Flange Out Frame Drag Pipes Chrome W/ Pipe Plugs

Posted: September 30, 2013 at 6:30 am No Comment
We want you to find the best prices for Yamaha Banshee accessories. Check out the Banshee Shearer Big Bore Small Flange Out Frame Drag Pipes Chrome W/ Pipe Plugs we found available online. Our website is loaded with offers like this and we're always finding more stuff daily so be sure to bookmark our site and follow us on Twitter. Check below to read all the details about this great item for your Banshee.

Yamaha Banshee -Shearer Big Bore Small Flange Out Of Frame Drag pipes (Chrome). One out each side. Small non visible ding (PIC 3)on one side where it tapped the frame bottom front. Some light chipping on the original peg bracket.I'll trade for Shearer Small Bore Drag Pipes!! That is what I want. SB Shearer OOF's for my "CUB"Preferably both out the left. This shipping is priced for the Continental United States(No Alaska, Puerto Rico Or Hawaii) I will Ship outside the US, But I must speak with you first and confirm shipping costs.Please contact me via eBay email for outside Continental U.S. shipping price.Returns accepted for legitimate reasons only! Everything I ship goes out with care and the customer in mind.I have 100% feed back and would like to keep that, soplease contact me if there is any issue rite away &I will do my very best to resolve it!(: Thank you for LOOKing Take Care! :) If there are any questions, please, by all means ask,I'll promptly reply.Thank you!Please do not make an offer if you do not plan to pay.as did dlilpooh30 who is now banned from anything I sell on here. Beware of this buyer(dlilpooh30) Not recommended!!